NSF Workshop on Implication of Urban Scale Occupant Behavior
for Resilient Building Design, Operation and Policy Making

May 13, 2024
Syracuse, United States

NSF Workshop Introduction

The objective of this workshop is to identify the research gaps in existing urban scale occupant behavior research including what the obstacles are and what is needed from NSF, and the identification of future research directions. The list of topics will be discussed include:

(1) What are the modeling requirements of occupant behavior at a community level?
(2) What data sources have been used in other domains that could potentially enhance the modeling capabilities for current building science applications?
(3) What are the new modeling methods of occupant behavior at a community level? and
(4) What are the potential future research directions for building design, operation, and policies at a community level, with enhanced data sources and modeling methods from other domains.

NSF Workshop Schedules

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Workshop Chair  


Prof. Bing Dong
Associate Director of Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings, New York State’s Center of Excellence for Environmental and Energy Systems
Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University, USA

Invited Keynote Speaker  


Invited Panel1 Speakers  

Panel1: Modeling occupant behavior at a community level  


Invited Panel2 Speakers  

Panel 2: Data sources and human mobility modeling approaches  


Invited Panel3 Speakers  

Panel 3: Applications in resilient building design, operation and policy making  



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